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  • Breathless-Movie-Poster



    “Me and Monica! Yeah, me and Monica go to Méjico!”

    One of the best Richard Gere images you will see is Eric Pulford’s country unique (British) artwork for the 1983 UK quad movie poster for “Breathless”. To be fair both Gere and co-star Valerie Kaprisky (her first and only US starring role) look pretty good. The original 1983 UK quad movie poster offered here is from first year of release and displays and presents to excellent effect. Originally rolled (as issued) the colours are bright and unfaded and Pulford’s imagery dramatic and exciting. With hardly a defect of note this beautiful rolled unrestored film poster is in investment grade condition and a fine example of rare and collectable original movie memorabilia.

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  • Fire and Ice Movie Poster

    Fire and Ice


    “At the end of the ice age, an evil queen and her son are set on conquering the world using magic and warriors. The lone survivor of a crushed village fights back as does the king of Fire Keep.”

    “Fire and Ice” is a cult animated feature, based on characters co-created by Ralph Bakshi and legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta, and was made using the process of rotoscoping, in which scenes were shot in live-action and then traced onto animation cels. And it is from the first year of release, 1983 that this Frazetta illustrated original British UK quad is from. Impressive and exciting poster artwork promising everything that the award winning artist could offer – Frazetta is regarded as one of the greatest fantasy and science fiction artists of all time, noted for comic books, paperback book covers, paintings, posters, LP record album covers and other media, with some examples of his painted original artwork selling for seven figures, making this film poster very good value for money. Presented in lovely unrestored, rolled (as issued) condition this is a marvellous item of 1980’s nostalgia and a great piece of original cinematic movie memorabilia

    Trivia: According to director Ralph Bakshi, the animators found working for producer Frank Frazetta to be so daunting that some of them even fainted when Frazetta visited the set.

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  • Scarface Alternative Movie Poster



    “He was Tony Montana. The world will remember him by another name…SCARFACE”

    One of the greatest and most influential gangster movies of all time and this 2022 limited edition art print by Matt Ferguson and Florey is one of the best alternative movie posters produced for Brian De Palma’s “Scarface”. Hand-signed by both artists this artist proof edition released by Vice Press features a key scene from the movie as Tony Montana sits brooding in his darkened study awaiting the violent and bloody onslaught he knows is coming with the rug cleverly illustrated to resemble a river of blood. A fantastic example of highly desirable movie memorabilia, that’s very cool and looks incredible.

    Trivia: The international corporation set up by Saddam Hussein to launder money from his various enterprises was called Montana Management after the Scarface (1983) main character.

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  • Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary Movie Poster

    Star Wars Episode VI – Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary


    “The Empire Falls…”

    For the 40th Anniversary 2023 re-release of the George Lucas sci fi classic sequel “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” Lucasfilm issued this amazing British one-sheet featuring the artwork of Matt Ferguson, the hugely successful artist responsible for some of the most memorable recent Marvel cinematic releases and the award winning, fan favourite 40th Anniversary design for ‘Empire Strikes Back’. This ‘updated’ style features  some of the best imagery from this instalment from the original trilogy with Luke Skywalker (now a Jedi Knight) and like many of the 1980 posters a dominant Darth Vader and the iconic scout walkers. Presented here in original unrestored condition this beautiful 2023  double-sided, rolled (as issued) example has deep unfaded vibrant colour tones and displays to excellent effect with the minimal of handling wear. With an extremely limited cinematic release in both the UK & USA  this is a truly scarce poster and highly sought after. As this is the American release it carries the tagline ‘Returns to Theatres April 28′. Already firmly established as a fans favourite this impressive item represents a fine addition for any collector of original movie posters or Star Wars fan memorabilia.

    Trivia: A reason for filming under the guise of non-descript horror movie title, “Blue Harvest” was partly to put off any snoopers, and also because the production found out that if they mentioned they were working on the next Star Wars movie, suppliers would automatically ramp up their prices, assuming that money was no object for Lucasfilm.

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  • Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi Movie Poster

    Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi


    “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.”

    For the third chapter of the original Star Wars trilogy “Return of the Jedi” Lucasfilm successfully chose a number of internationally acclaimed artists to present a varied series of designs for the Worldwide advertising campaign. The poster here is the Yamakatsu issued Style A Japanese B2. Not an official cinema poster but was sold exclusively in a small number of Japanese cinemas where the movie was playing. At first view you would assume it to be a photo-montage design but it’s actually highly detailed artwork featuring all of the main characters and spacecraft. Only available in limited numbers and is rare and highly desirable. Presented here in excellent unrestored rolled (as issued) condition this incredible example looks superb. A fantastic item of collectable Star Wars movie memorabilia from what was (until 2015) the defining chapter in the Star Wars original trilogy.

    “The Emperor’s made a critical error, and the time for our attack has come.”

    Trivia: Takes place 5 years before The Mandalorian (2019).

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  • Superman-III-Movie-Poster

    Superman III


    “Synthetic kryptonite laced with tobacco tar splits Superman in two: good Clark Kent and bad Man of Steel.”

    The third entry in the Salkind’s ‘Superman’ canon sees Richard Lester’s more comedic action touch as Christopher Reeve again dons the red cape in the 1983 release “Superman III”. Humour is largely provided by an excellent over the top performance (in reality just playing himself) by comic genius Richard Pryor as computer genius Gus Gorman. And it is Reeve and Pryor who feature prominently on this British UK quad film poster. The colourful all-action design sees Superman in full flight smashing his way to defeat the ‘villain’ Gus’ ‘super-computer’ Gorman From first year of release (1983) this rare folded (as issued) example displays and presents to excellent effect with only very minimal handling wear. Beautiful artwork and vivid unfaded colours this is an exceptional unrestored  example of very collectable original movie memorabilia.

    Trivia: According to Ilya Salkind, an earlier version of the script included the comic book villains Brainiac and Mr. Mxyzptlk teaming up, and Superman meeting his cousin, Supergirl, which would lead to the potential Supergirl spin-off.

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  • Trading Places Movie Poster

    Trading Places – (Supplied Framed)


    “They’re not just getting rich… They’re getting even.”

    This original publicity still is priced and supplied framed

    Directed by John Landis and starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd “Trading Places” is one of the strongest comedies of the 1980’s and stands as some of the best work for the main participants – Eddie Murphy (Billy Ray Valentine), Dan Aykroyd (Louis Winthorpe III) & Jamie Lee Curtis (Ophelia). And all three are featured on this original black & white publicity still. Flat and unfolded (as issued) this excellent original 1983 publicity still presents exceptionally well and is presented in a custom made black frame finished with UV plexiglass and represents very collectable & desirable original film memorabilia from a film lauded as a modern comedy classic.

    Trivia: A poster for the fictional film “See You Next Wednesday” is prominently featured in several shots of Ophelia’s apartment. “See You Next Wednesday” is the same fictional film that John Landis references in many of his other films, most notably as a porn film shown in a London cinema in An American Werewolf in London (1981).


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