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  • Lisztomania



    “The erotic, exotic electrifying rock fantasy…It out-Tommy’s TOMMY”…A very rare Country of Origin UK Quad from the original year of release 1975 for Ken Russell’s eccentric and bizarre offering (loosely, very loosely based on the life, times and adventures of classical composer Franz Liszt) “Lisztomania”…A wacky montage of images, this vibrantly coloured pop-art classic perfectly exemplifies Vic Fair’s unique style; one of his best and presented here in near perfect condition…incredibly rare piece of rock music and film memorabilia…”I’ve polished your sword! What do you want it for, to kill the critics?”

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  • World Is Full Of Married Men, The

    World Is Full Of Married Men, The


    “The name of the game is Sex-Cess..And they all know how to play the game”…Impressive Tom Chantrell artwork for this original UK Quad film poster for Jackie Collins’ sexploitation drama “The World is Full of Married Men”. Fantastic depiction of the wronged young wife as she struts her stuff in tight leather catsuit. A very rare foldded example that really looks impressive and displays superbly.

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  • Yesterday's Hero

    Yesterday’s Hero


    “From the pen of Jackie Collins. The story of a fallen super-star, and his struggle back to the top.”…Very rare original Country of Origin UK Quad for Neil Leifer’s 1979 football drama “Yesterday’s Hero”. Beautiful Arnaldo Putzu artwork is the highlight of a really great looking poster. This originally folded example displays absolutely superbly and is presented in investment grade condition…Rod Turner the “hero” of the title is in reality George Best & it would have been heart warming to see George make a comeback like this !

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