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  • Licorice Pizza Movie Poster

    Licorice Pizza


    “I knew it! I knew that was what you were thinking. You’re always thinking things, you thinker! You thinker! You think things!”

    “Licorice Pizza” is a Paul Thomas Anderson nostalgic romcom of sorts about a teenager and the much older woman he wants to have a romance with in 1970s California filmed around characters and situations from the entertainment industry of the day, eccentric, off-beat and very period appropriate. “Licorice Pizza” was a cult success on its release with Anderson’s loyal fanbase hailing another solid cinematic offering. Only having a very limited run and showing in a small number of (largely ‘art-house’ or ‘independent’) cinemas any paper from the film is scarce and in very short supply, making this originally rolled (as issued) Kat Reeder designed one-sheet from 2021 a really great find. It displays to excellent effect and represents an extremely hard yo find, modern original collectable movie memorabilia from a truly talented writer/director.

    Trivia: The term “Licorice Pizza” is slang for a vinyl record, particularly albums which were known as LPs for Long Play, hence Licorice Pizza. Also, the vinyl record is black, which is the color of licorice, and the shape is flat and round, like a pizza.

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