Debbie Does Dallas



“Every one on the team scores when her pom-poms fly !”

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The title of the movie Debbie Does Dallas is more famous that the movie “Debbie Does Dallas”. None of the cast nor crew of the production knew that the movie was going to be a giant success and it was a success, ranking as one of the top-five highest grossing adult-film titles in history. Looked upon now as a cultural phenomenon it look the ‘adult-movie’ genre into mainstream cinema. Any paper from the film is genuinely scarce which makes this country of origin US one sheet from first year of release 1978 a real find. The titular Debbie played by blonde bombshell Bambi Woods is featured pretty much fully clothed in her cheerleader uniform. Originally folded (as issued) the poster has been conservation linen backed and presents in excellent condition with bright unfaded colours. A great and hugely collectable talking piece that represents a cool item of culturally important original film movie memorabilia.

Trivia: Because VCX and Arthur Weisberg failed to file for copyright in time, the film has fallen into what is termed Public Domain. This means anyone can copy the film, or present it for public showing without consent of the producers or be forced to pay any type of royalty. The film has remained in Public domain since 1987.

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US One Sheet – 25″ x 38″ (Printed under-sized & has NOT been trimmed)

Country of Origin



Very Fine Plus / Originally Folded (as issued) – now Conservation Linen Backed


Jim Buckley


Bambi Woods, Christie Ford, Eric Edwards, Robert Kerman, Robin Byrd

In stock

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