Challenge in the Snow



“Challenge in the Snow”

British designer and artist Brian Bysouth is revered by his peers and responsible for some of the most iconic film posters ever printed; this original 1968 UK quad for “Challenge in the Snow” certainly demonstrates why. It is a dynamic eye-catching piece of artwork as the lone ski jumper glides effortlessly through the Alpine air; easily the best paper from the Film. Based upon the 1968 Winter Olympics held in Grenoble, France it is memorabilia that appeals across a wide range of collectors; art, posters, winter sports, Olympics. Extremely desirable its rarity is unquestionable & I cannot find record of a previous sale nor any currently being offered for sale. Presented in excellent original unrestored condition it has a single vertical foldline (centre) and bright vibrant colours with a pure white background…A marvellous piece to own that has come from the personal archive collection of the artist Brian Bysouth which he has signed and annotated on the reverse.

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UK Quad (30" x 40")

Country of Origin

UK / British – Printed in England by D & A Broomhead Litho Ltd, London


Very fine – single central vertical foldline (as issued)


Claude Lelouch, Francois Reichenbach, Guy Gilles


Jean-Claude Killy, Johnny Hallyday, Peggy Fleming

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