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  • Easy Come, Easy Go

    Easy Come, Easy Go


    Elvis Presley is “Skindiving for treasure, adventure and fun!!!
    “…. An original 1967 US One Sheet movie poster featuring Elvis scuba diving, unsurprisingly the only poster ever to do so ! This rare example displays very well with deep, vibrant colours and great artwork, making this a very cool Elvis poster.

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  • Frankenstein Created Woman

    Frankenstein Created Woman


    “From flesh and innocence…Frankenstein has created the ultimate in evil- a beautiful woman with the soul of the devil !”

    A scarce original Japanese B2 film poster and one of Hammer’s best for Terence Fisher’s 1967 dark metaphysical horror “Frankenstein Created Woman”…The fourth entry in Hammer’s Frankenstein canon this stunning piece is a personal favourite and featured in Marcus Hearn’s excellent book “The Art of Hammer”. Originally rolled (as issued) and unrestored, it has some of the most memorable imagery of any Hammer poster…the image of Peter Cushing caressing a human skull and a bikini made of bandages are trademark Hammer. Presented in excellent high grade condition with minimal handling wear this represents a superb example of Hammer Horror cinema memorabilia.

    Trivia: “Frankenstein Created Woman” was originally mooted as a follow-up to “The Revenge of Frankenstein” during its production in 1958, at a time when Roger Vadim’s Et Dieu créa la femme (And God Created Woman) was successful (in fact, the film’s original working title was “And Then Frankenstein Created Woman”). The film finally went into production at Bray Studios on 4 July 1966. It was Hammer’s penultimate production there.

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  • The Graduate Alternative Movie Poster

    Graduate, The


    “This is Benjamin. He’s a little worried about his future.”

    Nautilus Art Prints released this Laurent Durieux variant as a limited run of 200 in 2017. In this poster, Durieux creates a bright and colourful retro summer aesthetic as he illustrates the memorable scuba-suit pool scene from Mark Nichols’ 1967 comedy-drama-romance “The Graduate”. This scene was very symbolic in displaying Ben’s (Dustin Hoffman) lack of control over his future whilst he was still trapped under hs parents control. The 12-colour screen print is signed by Durieux and hand-numbered #36/200. Having a very limited release these alternative movie posters are incredibly rare. Unrestored, this rolled (as issued) poster presents and displays to exceptional effect and represents a superb example of genuinely scarce modern film memorabilia featuring one of Hollywood’s greatest romantic comedy’s…classic and very COOL!

    Trivia: In the famous promotional still and original poster for this film, Dustin Hoffman is seen in the background framed by Mrs. Robinson’s shapely leg. The leg in that photo didn’t belong to Anne Bancroft, however; it belonged to a then-unknown model, Linda Gray, who later played Mrs. Robinson in a London stage musical of The Graduate & Sue Ellen Ewing in the TV show Dallas.


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  • In-Like-Flint-Movie-Poster

    In Like Flint


    “FLINT’S BACK In Action…In Danger…In the Virgin Islands…Where the Bad Guys…Are Girls !”

    A very cool, stylish film poster from the mid 1960’s that perfectly typifies the period and the style of the artist; Bob Peak. A beautiful UK quad film poster for Gordon Douglas’ 1967 super-spy, James Bond parody sequel “In Like Flint”. This really is a fantastic looking poster ‘of the time’ – focusing on the star; James Coburn in his role as the super suave secret agent Derek Flint with colourful ‘swinging sixties’ stylised artwork. Peak’s similar film posters (“Modesty Blaise”, “Gambit”, “Our Man Flint” share this common style and concentrate on the stars all colourfully delineated then offset against a pale background. It is a style that works well and certainly impresses. Because of the white background (which marks easily & highlights the slightest defect) this poster is hard to find in high grade condition. The originally folded (as issued) unrestored example offered here has some very minimal handling & age wear but colours are bright and unfaded and the background a true bright white with no shading/ghosting to the fold lines. A fine investment grade piece that represents a very collectable piece of desirable original movie memorabilia.

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  • The Dirty Dozen Movie Poster

    The Dirty Dozen


    “Damn them or praise them…You’ll never forget The Dirty Dozen !”

    Notable for a mix of striking Frank McCarthy artwork and photographs (a typical feature of Japanese poster design) this is a stunning original Japanese B2 film poster for Robert Aldrich’s 1967 World War 2 action extravaganza “The Dirty Dozen”. With artwork exclusive to this release Lee Marvin takes centre stage , machine gun blazing , charging into battle against a background of action scenes and co-stars, cleverly featured in a hand grenade illustration. Originally rolled (as issued) to Japanese cinemas this beautiful unrestored example presents to excellent. Hugely collectable; very rare first release poster for a war movie that is oft judged as one of the best from the action adventure genre.

    Trivia: Woody Allen joined Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson and Telly Savalas to play poker when filming was finished for the day. He was simultaneously filming Casino Royale (1967) in London and earning “a fat salary”. Filming was so far behind schedule, that he would gladly hook up with the cast for a few hands of poker.

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  • The-Naked-Runner-Movie-Poster

    The Naked Runner


    “They found the key to Sam Laker. They wound it up good and tight. And then they turned him loose”

    Striking and very modern design (for the late 1960’s) for the Frank Sinatra produced (he also starred) political thriller “The Naked Runner”. Filmed largely in England and Europe the movie has a great 60’s vibe and was very under-rated on its release. The paper produced to accompany the release is all of the highest quality and different for each country, with the country of origin (US) one sheet being particularly memorable (although Nistri’s art for theItalian release is one of the best images of Sinatra you will find). Offered here is an original US one sheet movie poster from first year of release 1967, originally folded (as issued) it displays and presents very well with minor handling & age wear. A fantastic looking and very collectable piece of genuine movie memorabilia from one of entertainments biggest stars.

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