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    Punisher: War Zone



    Taken on its own terms, “Punisher: War Zone” is everything it is supposed to be: excessively violent, larger than life, fast paced, and almost always loads of fun. War Zone doesn’t take itself seriously and it doesn’t ask the audience to do so. Firmly established as Marvels darkest and most controversial ‘hero’ it would be fair to say that The Punisher is probably best known and enjoyed by American, European and Far East fanboys than those in Britain and although heavily promoted in said areas the British release was fairly limited, with the movie being shown in only a handful of cinemas. Meaning that the accompanying film poster is genuinely scarce, which is a real shame as both LA & Ignition creative design agencies have collaborated to produce a real stand out poster for the UK quad design. This original 2008 UK quad film poster is very dark & very moody and printed on a heavy stock paper with a matt finish that only enhances the dark shadowy  tones further. A real ‘peach’ of a Punisher poster. Originally rolled (as issued) this looks and displays to excellent effect with impressive gritty artwork that represents a fine piece of collectible ‘comic book’ cinema movie memorabilia.

    Trivia: After this film, the live action film rights to the Punisher reverted back to Marvel Studios. Ray Stevenson would later appear in another Marvel production, produced by Marvel Studios this time, as Volstagg in the Thor film series.

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