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  • Wind-in-the-Willows-Movie-Poster

    Wind in the Willows


    “Look out for that WILD Mr. Toad !”

    Originally released as a mini double feature in 1949 under the title “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad.” Walt Disney’s classic “Wind in the Willows” won a devoted adoring fan base and often featured as a popular ‘filler’ for other Disney films and in 1955 garnered such a following it earned its own poster. The UK quad for this release is a magical piece of Disney illustration featuring Toad enthusiastically driving his latest automobile closely followed by the local constabulary as the supporting cast; Rat, McBadger, Mole, Cyril Proudbottom look on…A FUN poster and one that is genuinely scarce when compared to the mainstream offerings from the ‘House of Mouse’ . This is a rare opportunity for a collector to obtain one of these scarce standalone film posters. First class country unique British design and true to the film animation artwork it features lovely bright bold unfaded colours offset against a truly white background; originally folded (as issued) this unrestored film poster presents very well and is a fine example of rare and collectable original movie memorabilia for a much loved and animated Walt Disney classic.

    Trivia: Mr. Toad’s horse friend , “Cyril Proudbottom”, was a character created for this film. He is based, visually and vocally, on British entertainer George Formby

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